Joshua Sack


Ph.D. in Mathematics received in June 2007
from Indiana University at Bloomington
Dissertation: Adding Temporal Logic to Dynamic Epistemic Logic
Thesis advisor: Lawrence Moss

Certificate in Logic received in 2002
from Universiteit van Amsterdam: Institute of Logic, Language and Computation

B.S. in Mathematics received in 2001
from University of Wisconsin at Madison

Published and Forthcoming Papers

Selected Working Paper

Recent Teaching

Some Events

Some Talks

  • Modal logics and their semantics   (pdf)
    Mathematics Colloquium at California State University Dominguez Hills
  • General Framework for Probabilistic Characteristic Formulae   (pdf)
    Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation workshop 2012, Philadelphia.
  • Refined Inversion Statistics on Permutations   (pdf)
    Joint Mathematics Meetings 2012, Boston.
  • Extending Probabilistic Dynamic Epistemic Logic   (pdf)
    Guest lecture in the class Advanced Modal Logic at Stanford University.
  • On Temporal Dynamic Epistemic Logic   (pdf)
    UCLA Logic Colloquium
  • Muddy Children, other Logic Puzzles, and Temporal Dynamic Epistemic Logic   (pdf)
    (An invitation to Epistemic Logic for non-logicians)
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium at California State University Long Beach